Product Description

The good thing about real silicone doll is that it can look just like a real girl. When you touch the doll then its skill will have same kind of smoothness that you find in a sexy girl and it will give great fun to you. Other than the skin, other features such as face, figure and hairs will also look like a real girl. Modern day sex dolls are also equipped with a flesh like covering that feel just like real muscles. And to buy a doll with all these qualities, you only need to go to the internet, you can do your research for few minutes and then you will be able to search one easily.

Material: Silicone
Height: 135cm
Weight: 26kg
Bust: 76cm
Waistline: 56cm
Hip: 77cm
Hand and a long:62cm
Thigh length: 80cm
arm length:36cm
vagina depth:17cm
anus depth:16cm
Foot length:19.5cm